Non-patentable subject matters and inventions

Non-patentable subject matters and inventions

Non-patentable subject matters and inventions according to Turkish patent law are listed below:

  • Discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods;
  • Plans, methods, schemes/rules for performing mental acts, for conducting business/trading activity, and for playing games.
  • Literary and artistic works, scientific works, creations having an esthetic characteristic, computer programs.
  • Methods involving no technical aspect, for collecting, arranging, offering/presenting and transmitting information/data.
  • Methods of diagnosis, therapy and surgery applying to human or animal body.
  • The provision under the paragraph 1, subparagraph (e) of this present Article, shall apply neither to the products and compositions (per se) used in connection with these methods nor to their process of manufacturing.
  • Patent shall not be granted for inventions in respect of following subject matter.
  • Inventions whose subject matter is contrary to the public order or to morality as is generally accepted.
  • Plant and animal varieties/species or processes for breeding/plant or animal varieties/species, based mainly on biological grounds. (Article 6 of the Decree-Law no. 551)

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